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We supply professional advisory in the field uf uniformology, military history and general history of 19th-20th centuries for film and theatre oproductions, etc. If the production uses our services, avodis thus any historical nonsenses, opera uniforms, impossible combinations of equipment and arms, historicaly non-corresponding details and incorrect realia apearing in their movie.  Such an apparent details help to increase the quality of the movie and prevent it to become a target of ridicule of wide professional and also non-professiolnal, but, more and more educated public.  

Erudired appraisal of every problem guarantees not only our historical education (bachelor´s degree of cultural history, regional history and museology, master´s degree of general history) and professional publication activity, but, also more than 20 years business practice and 30 years collector´s practice on the field of militaria.

We are able to supply production of uniform supplements and details-caps, helmets, belt buckles, medals and badges, cloth badges etc. for movie and theater. We supplied, for example, replicas of historical uniforms M 29 for the Castle Guard of the president of the Czech republic.

We supply specialized military extras for films. These extras do have military-historical training and long-time practice in reenacktment, as well as actor´s experience and practice on filming. Specialized profesional extras can not only march, manouver, shoot historical weapons, fight and pretend everything of military-historical branch, but, they can act, too, mostly with the first roll ok. We are able to supply fully dressed, equiped and armed soldiers for many armies and periods (mostly from 19th-20th century-Napoleonic wars, Prussian-Danish, Prussian-Austrian or Prussian-French wars, world wars, etc.) There is no need then for the film crew to find and rent uniforms, equipment and weapons for a lot of cash, and, to teach ussual extras to wear and use it.

We worked as professional historical advisors for following movies:

Waterloo po česku/Waterloo in czech style (Vít Olmer 2002)

Poslední vlak/The last train (Dana Vávrová 2007)

Flame a Citron (2007)

Protektor (Marek Najbrt 2008)

T.M.A. (Juraj Herz 2008)

Josephine (2009)

Skorzeny (2010)

Korotkov (2010)

Barkovskij (2010)

Spolu (2011)

documental movie "SS training grounds Benešov: No entry!" (Jaroslav Pelíšek 2011)

Important women in history: Maria-Louisa of Preussen (ZDF 2013)

danish war epos 1864 (Ole Bornedal 2013)

The Heavy Water War (Per-Olav Sorensen 2013)

Anthropoid (Sean Ellis 2016)

La Source Mad (Laurent Bergers 2016)

Die Freibadcique (Friedmann Fromm 2016)

The Aftermath (James Kent 2017)

The Catcher was a Spy (Ben Lewin 2017)

T-34 (Alexej Sidorov 2017)

Jojo Rabbit (Taika Waititi 2018)

Word on Fire (Adam Smith, Chanya Button, Andy Wilson 2018)

...and many others. For meny years we cooperate for example with Museum of the Police of the Czech Republic, Castle Guard of the president of the Czech Republic and Military-historical institute Prague.

We rent german WWII military vehicles for film - amphibious VW KdF-166 Schwimmwagen, off-road VW KdF-82 Kübelwagen, armoured halftrack SdKfz. 251 and armoured car SdKfz. 221.

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