Historické vojenské uniformy a výstroj


We buy and sell historical uniforms and equipments of armies, gendarmery, police and other armed units. We are orientated mainly on the period of 19th-20th centuries and on the history of Czechoslovakia, area of historical czech lands and armies and military conflicts, that took place in this region.  

We work on the militaria market succesfully for over 20 years allready. In the field of our interest are any colectible items oh the branch mentioned: uniforms-tunics, greatcoats, trousers, belts and buckles, caps, steel and tropical helmets, badges, crosses, orders and medals, documents, military handbooks, photos, photoalbums, camouflage uniforms, shelter-halves, ammunition pouches, winter padded uniforms and fur coats, edged weapons-bayonets, daggers, swords, trench knives, military vehicles and left-over parts...

The object of collector´s interest are items, comming from armies that took significan part in both world wars-for example army of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, german Wehrmacht, SS, Luftwaffe, american, brittish and soviet armies, and, also uniforms and equipment, connected with history of Czechoslovakia: uniforms of czechoslovak pre-WW II 1st republic, czechoslovak army up till 60´s, uniforms of gendarmerie and police from pre-war and post-war period up till 60´s, uniforms of czechoslovak WW I legions in Russia, Italy and France, uniforms of Czechoslovak independent armored brigade in Great Britain or czechoslovak eastern army in SSSR, and, also uniforms of Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia: gendarmerie, police and Government troops.



We also offer highly specialized repairs of original uniforms and equipment parts, as well as production of replica uniform parts for reanackment, movie and theaters. We supply production of caps, badges, cloth badges, medals, orders, leather equipment etc.




We supply professional advisory in the field of uniformology and military history of 19th-20th centuries for film, theatres etc. We´ve worked as special advisors for example on movies Waterloo po česku, Protektor, T.M.A., Skorzeny, Korotkov, Josephine, Poslední vlak, document Cvičiště Benešov: Vstup zakázán!, and many others. We cooperate for example with Museum of the Police of the Czech republic and Military-historical institute Prague for many years.


         We rent german WWII military vehicles for film, off-road VW KdF-82 Kübelwagen and amphibious VW KdF-166 Schwimmwagen.

In the case of interest don´t hesitate and contact us!


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